Spring 2022

    SFC Energy - Watts new in our Off-Grid Energy portfolio

    At SFC Energy Canada we play a vital role in transitioning industrial markets away from inefficient, emission producing off-grid power solutions, and over to highly reliable, eco-friendly fuel cell hybrid systems. Our world class energy solutions are designed for stationary and mobile hybrid applications. The direct methanol fuel cell is an ideal solution for applications requiring less than 1.5kW, while our hydrogen fuel cell services critical applications with power demands ranging between 2.5kW - 50kW. With over 55,000 fuel cells sold worldwide to date, we are a sustainable, profitable fuel cell producer. With continuous investments in research and development, we are always working on expanding our technology leadership for mobile and off-grid energy solutions.

    Alternative Power Generation Low to No Emission Power Reliable Power Off-grid energy Emissions Reduction

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