Drishya AI Labs

    Drishya is an A.I. based solutions firm, with offices in Bangalore & Calgary. We make energy operations more efficient using artificial intelligence. Energy outcomes are improved and smart performance insights are provided through our technologies. Our beliefs lay in superior design, communication, and execution. We take incredible pride in our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

    Software Image recognition Digital twin Digital innovation Cloud-based analytics AI and ML

    Technologies From Drishya AI Labs

      Overview of Drishya Labs

      Drishya.ai is an innovative Industrial AI solutions company headquartered in Calgary, with a subsidiary in Bangalore. We focus on SaaS based AI solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Our SaaS ...more

      Artisan - AI-enabled Engineering Digitalisation Solution

      "Introducing Artisan, Drishya’s AI solution for creating digital twins of Industrial Plants. Artisan’ AI behaves like an engineer and read and understands engineering drawings the way an engineer doe ...more