Eosense develops innovative and rugged tools to measure greenhouse gas emissions. Our eosEM continuously measures methane and can be used as a mobile tool or a stationary tool.

    NexSource Power Inc.

    NexSource custom designs and fabricates remote instrument air/power generation combo units. From conception to inception, NexSource can provide instrument air driven by renewables, diesel, propane or ...more


    Arolytics is an emissions software and services company. With proprietary algorithms, Arolytics has developed AroViz, a cloud-based software that enables oil and gas companies to centrally manage all ...more

    Gas Recon Inc

    Gas Recon Inc (GRI) offers foot-based and Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV)-based laser methane detection, GIS tagged data and a software suite. Its leak detection and repair (LDAR) capability utilizes la ...more

    Calscan Solutions

    Calscan Solutions has over 10 years of experience with methane vent reduction and vent gas measurement technology. 1) Vent gas measurement. Calscan Hawk Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure and digit ...more