Artisan - AI-enabled Engineering Digitalisation Solution

    "Introducing Artisan, Drishya’s AI solution for creating digital twins of Industrial Plants. Artisan’ AI behaves like an engineer and read and understands engineering drawings the way an engineer does, to create a virtual plant, similar to how engineers build the physical plant Artisan ingests PDFs of piping and instrumentation drawings and, like a real engineer, identifies & understands symbols and objects, along with text, Skid and building lines and what lies within and outside them to generate detailed engineering deliverables like equipment, instrument & inventory lists Further, Artisan analyses isometric diagrams and co-relates them with P&IDs, to develop accurate 3D CAD models and structural digital twins which can be integrated with data from instrumentation and DCS systems to baseline the entire facility, for remote monitoring, planning and simulation of impact of change, essentially digitising the Management of change process and decreasing fieldwork, helping your organisation quickly and efficiently march towards its net zero goals."

    AI and ML Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Cloud Based Analytics Digital Innovation Energy Efficiency Software Image Recognition

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