SSI - Digital Bubble Tester

    Surface Casing Vent Flow is an increasing issue in the North American oil and gas industry. Reductions strategies must be based on accurate measurement to completely understand the problem. When stakeholders focus on the issue of methane reductions wellhead vent flow is unique in that it can’t easily be engineered away. Pneumatic controls and expensive compressor retrofits can solve some oil and gas emissions, whereas SCVF is caused by natural events that can be as severe as the well producing emissions for the life of the asset itself. With flow data digitally calibrated to .06% of full-scale accuracy, methane quantification of the vent flow, and extrapolated carbon emission reporting capabilities Surface Solutions Incorporated has filled the technology gap or Directive 20.

    Methane Greenhouse Gas Methane Detection, Quantification, and Monitoring Vent Gas/Venting Early Stage Technologies

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