Spring 2022

    Revealing Emissions Through Innovative Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

    Telops' Hyper-Cam and Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini are advanced hyperspectral infrared cameras particularly well-suited for the detection, identification and quantification of gaseous emissions. These cameras can detect several greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds simultaneously. The ground based Hyper-Cam camera is portable, easily deployable and has proven effective at detecting methane emissions down to 0.02 kg/h. With its small size and volume, the Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini can be installed in different types of airborne platforms to perform efficient aerial surveys. It has demonstrated excellent methane detection capabilities from 1,8 to 1,082 kg/h. Results are in real-time and include clear and actionable reports.

    Methane Emissions Reduction Quantification Image Recognition Methane Detection, Quantification, and Monitoring Cloud Based Analytics

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