Questor Technology, Inc.

    Questor provides specialized patented waste gas incineration products that destroy harmful pollutants in any waste gas stream. This enables its clients to meet emission regulations, eliminate methane emissions, address community concerns and improve safety at industrial sites. Questor’s clean combustion equipment is currently used in multiple segments of the energy infrastructure industry including drilling, completions, production, midstream, downstream, and transportation and distribution. Questor is a world leader with a 25-year track record and globally recognized expertise in methane, VOC's and H2S gas combustion.

    Methane Emissions Reduction Methane Detection, Quantification, and Monitoring Power Generation

    Technologies From Questor Technology, Inc.

      QUESTOR Technology Showcase

      Questor provides a wide selection of units that are capable of cleanly combusting gases as low 5mcf/d all the way to 5MMsc/d. With multiple units in parallel it has handled volumes in excess of 20MMs ...more