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    Equilibrium is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in the reduction of contaminated site environmental liability through a more thorough understanding of human health and ecological risks and the application of standard and non-standard remediation and reclamation techniques. We are actively engaged in research activities, funded by industries and provincial/federal governments, to better understand relationships between substances encountered in the environment and associated adverse effects on human and ecological health, including abiotic aspects such as soil structure. We provide support to various clients throughout Western Canada and internationally in areas of: risk assessment and risk management, Phase 1, 2, and 3 investigations, standard remediation and reclamation approaches, as well as advanced remediation technology implementation and research. A key business area is conducting field, laboratory, and desk work for characterizing environmental impacts, understanding liability, and methods of maximizing risk reduction while considering socioeconomic implications. The Equilibrium team is highly motivated and creative with a strong work ethic, having a desire to tackle new problems with innovative solutions, and old problems with a focus on continually improving process efficiency.

    Land remediation and reclamation

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      Equilibrium is an innovation focused company in areas of toxicology, analytical methodologies, sample design, exposure modeling, human health and ecological risk assessment, safety measures, and remed ...more