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    IntelliView is a global leader in AI-powered vision solutions for leak, fire, safety monitoring applications in petroleum and mining. Their IIOT technology improves monitoring of remote and intermittently manned operations through 24/7 operation, and faster incident detection, validation and response times. IntelliView's solution harnesses the capabilities of patented/proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms applied at the edge with visual and infrared imagers (including OGI) to autonomously detect operational hazards with industry leading accuracy. Video and images of event alarms are sent immediately to operational decision makers enabling visual off-site verification and providing the missing confidence required to make remote decisions. The success of this system has led operators to achieve enhanced safety, operational efficiency and environmental performance as well as cost savings.

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      IntelliView provides automated vision systems that make oil and gas operations SAFER, GREENER and more EFFICIENT by saving TIME and MONEY. We harness the power of edge-based machine learning artificia ...more