Exergy Solutions Inc.

    We’re a technology engineering and strategy solutions provider specializing in helping industry get to net zero through new technologies while directly supporting technology providers. We offer services in energy technology consulting, plant optimization, engineering design, and agile prototype and field scale pilot building. We are unique in using additive manufacturing and digital technology as technology development enablers. We operate across market sectors in Canada with experience and expertise developing and deploying technologies for energy producers, heavy users, and energy technology companies moving through the energy transition. We act as the bridge between technology solutions and industry needs. We pride ourselves on the mindset of our team, speed of our innovation, our technical capabilities and facilities, and collaborative approach in helping clients’ solve their most important challenges. We are purpose-built to advance the energy transition.

    Value-added products Geothermal Clean Fuels Greenhouse Gas Energy Efficiency Emissions Reduction Early-Stage Technologies Digital Twin Digital Innovation

    Technologies From Exergy Solutions Inc.

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