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    We are Lux Modus. A remote sensing technology company focused on democratizing the collection of 3D data for the world. ​ By lowering equipment costs and eliminating the need for advanced software and specialized training, we are bringing accurate, high resolution 3D scanning technology to the masses. We believe that through our effort to democratize 3D mapping we have created the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable mapping system. It provides flexibility to our customers, in how data is collected, how it is paid for, and how it is delivered, all while reducing the cost of ownership, freeing customers from expensive software and training, and allowing customers to collect data on their terms. Lux Modus offers the best value for your dollar and minute of collection time. Providing you the data you want in near real-time but at a cost you can control is the value Lux provides over our competitors.

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      Overview of Lux Modus

      Lux Modus is a technology company focused democratizing the capture of 3D models and digital twins for the energy industry. Lux Modus provides technology to rapidly capture and process LiDAR and imag ...more