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    Westgen Technologies is a leader in supporting the energy industry in their net zero ambitions. Westgen’s EPOD is a solar-hybrid remote power generation system which provides an economic solution to eliminating methane venting from pneumatic devices, thereby reducing site emissions by up to 99.5%. Beyond emissions reductions, the patented and award winning EPOD reduces capital costs, reduces operating costs, improves reliability, and generates carbon credits for oil and gas producers and midstream companies.

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    Technologies From Westgen Technologies Inc

      The Solution to Methane Venting from Pneumatics

      Connor O'Shea, President of Westgen Technologies, gives an explanation of the issue of methane venting from pneumatics, and how to solve the problem using EPOD. For more information on our technology ...more

      EPOD - Remote Power and Instrument Air Solutions for Responsible Energy Production

      Powering the Evolution to Zero-Emission Well Sites. EPOD™ is an award-winning solution providing cost-effective air and power generation while eliminating GHG venting from pneumatic devices.