Calscan Solutions

    Calscan Solutions has over 10 years of experience with methane vent reduction and vent gas measurement technology. 1) Vent gas measurement. Calscan Hawk Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure and digitally log vent gas flows from 0.028 to 340 m3/day. The rates are typically found on compressor seals, surface casing and pneumatic controls. 2) Methane vent reduction. Calscan Low Power Bear Electric Actuators replaces all pneumatic devices on well sites. This reduces all methane venting from pneumatics, eleminates freezing issues and allows better well site control. Our actuators draw very little power, therefore using solar and batteries at remote sites is the cheapest and best option available.

    Methane Methane Mitigation Methane Detection, Quantification, and Monitoring Emissions Reduction

    Technologies From Calscan Solutions

      Bear electric controls

      Calscan's Bear Fail System is a low power 25 Amp UPS and Fail Safe Controller that enables almost any 12 or 24VDC actuator to become Power Fail Safe