Surface Solutions Incorporated

    Founded in 1999, SSI specializes in Surface Casing Vent Testing, Tank Vent Monitoring and various other forms of methane emissions monitoring. We use AER mandated technologies that are antiquated and do not allow for an accurate audit trail of emissions in the oil & gas industry. My firm works for nearly 100 oil & gas producers and have worked in every province in Western Canada including the NWT. We have over 20 years of vent testing <250 wells each year. Surface Solutions is Canada’s most experienced service provider in wellhead vent flow measurement.

    Methane Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Methane Detection, Quantification, and Monitoring Vent Gas/Venting Value-added products

    Technologies From Surface Solutions Incorporated

      SSI - Digital Bubble Tester

      Surface Casing Vent Flow is an increasing issue in the North American oil and gas industry. Reductions strategies must be based on accurate measurement to completely understand the problem. When sta ...more